Daisy is out of Abby and Remy’s first litter and has her momma’s style.  Pointing and finding birds came naturally to her.  We are working on retrieving to hand and honoring with her at this time.  So far there is nothing that we don’t like about her, she’s what we expected coming out of Abby and Remy and can’t be more excited to see what will come as she continues to grow. 

Remy is a longer range dog.  He’s all style, even at 3 he still gets the shakes when he’s pointing a bird.  A natural honoring dog, and we never had to work with him on this, it always came naturally to him even when he was just a pup at 3 months old.  He retrieves to hand, just an all around versatile hunting companion.  We could not have asked for a better dog as our first male shorthair pointer.

Sires & Dams


Drive…All wirehairs have it but he has more than most we have seen.  The youngest pointing wirehair we have had; and not just talking about a wing on a string point, an actual quail in the field simulated hunt point.  He is a great retriever like most wirehairs and honors naturally which is unusual for the wirehair breed.  He has a great personality and just a year old.  We have great expectations for Thor and very excited about his potential breedings in the very near future. 

Abby is a medium size working dog that does it all.  She’s the best bird finder I have ever had.  Great on honoring and finding winged birds.  She also does water work when we need it, but it’s not her specialty as a shorthair.  All around a great versatile hunting companion.  She is great on wild North Dakota hunts as well as guided hunts. 

Hair Raiser Kennels


Is a tight coat wirehair which we like because it’s different.  He is a medium/close range working dog, with an awesome nose and natural instincts.  When he gets around a bird he naturally slows down and uses his nose instead of running around at a 100mph.  Great on retrieves on land and water at only about 6 months old at this time.  His only downside is he loves to snuggle when its nap time.  Excited to see what Loki will continue to produce.